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Our Mission

The mission of Aurora Optic is to revolutionize the eyewear industry through new technologies of automation resulting in superior quality at competitive pricing.

About Us

Mr. David Chao, Founder and CEO of Aurora Optic, has been a pioneer in the optical industry for over 35 years.  His inventions and patents have revolutionized the business for decades.  He currently controls the most US patents in the industry.   About 10 years ago, before all others, he brought eyewear manufacturing to inland China.  By relocating, this allowed a buffer to the  rising cost of inflation on the coast of China.
Through research and innovation Mr. Chao has created new advancements in optical manufacturing automation.  With this hands off approach it maximizes efficiency, provides superior quality and  has a lower cost point than our competitors.  All of this has lead to the creation of Aurora Optic.


Competitive Edge

These competitive aspects distinguish Aurora Optic in the worldwide eyewear sector.


Over 37 years of experience in research & development, manufacturing and sales in eyewear.



Experts in all aspects of optical, sunglasses, readers, safety glasses, medical glasses and 3D glasses design and manufacturing.


Our headquarters in Taiwan provide thorough and comprehensive customer service support.


Highly automated manufacturing capabilities.


Competent in all materials: acetate, injection, monel, stainless steel and titanium.


Turn-key design offerings from concept, drawing, prototyping to manufacturing.


Our Focus

  • Optical Frames

    Optical Frames

    • Design: Dedicated USA Designer at your service
    • Custom design expertise
    • Materials: Acetate, Injection, Titanium, Carbon fiber, Monel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Nickel Silver
    • Price range: $1.50 to $9.00
    • Design: conservative to fashion forward
  • Reading Glasses

    Reading Glasses

    • One of the largest exporters to USA
    • First to show newest technology and deco applications
    • Design: Dedicated USA Designer at your service
    • Custom design expertise
    • Frame Materials: PC, CP, Acetate, TR90, and Nickel Silver
    • Lens Material and Technology: AC, PC, super thin PC, CR39, AR coating and bifocal and progressive
    • Applications: Paper transfer, hot stamping, spray and injection marbling and colorations (similar to zyl).
    • Price range: $.50 to $4.50
    • Design: conservative to fashion forward
  • Sun Glasses

    Sun Glasses

    • Design: Dedicated USA Designer at your service
    • Custom design expertise
    • First to show newest technology and deco applications
    • Frame Materials and Technology: TR90, Castor oil, PC, CP, Acetate, Stainless, Carbon Fiber, Nickel Silver, Cam hinges and adjustable temple tips.
    • Lens Material and Technology: TAC & PC POL, CR39 and PC (all with multi colorations)
    • Applications: Spray, soft touch, paper transfer, dip, hot stamping, spray and injection colorations.
    • Price range: $2.00 to $9.00
    • Design: conservative to fashion forward
  • Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses

    • ANSI Z87 2015 compliant
    • Design: Dedicated USA Designer at your service
    • Custom design expertise
    • Frame Materials and Technology: TR90, PC, Zyl, Stainless, Cam hinges, foam inserts.
  • Medical Glasses

    Medical Glasses

    Flicker Glass is designed to overcome many shortcomings of traditional “occlusion” treatments such as patching and atropine therapy. Standard occlusion, though rudimentary, can be effective in improving visual acuity – but only with high compliance starting from a young age. The discomfort, disruption, and social and psychological stigma associated with patching can make compliance difficult and cause undue burden and stress for the parent and child. Compliance with patching can also take a long commitment – two to six hours each day, often for half a year or longer. Go to Flicker Glass

Product Research & Development

Director of Product Development & Design: 30 years of optical experience including 15 years as an Optician in leading USA eyewear boutique and Sales Director of high end global brand; 15 years product development.

Connected and understand current USA and European treads.  USA offices for Product Design and Sales, communication points for new projects.  We alleviate some of the work load in costly development being we are ‘clued in’ and easily accessible.




Shenzhen, China



Jiangxi, China

Factory & Design Engineers


Chiayi, Taiwan

Customer Service & Design Team


California, USA

Design, Marketing & Sales Office

Contact Us